Saturday, September 29, 2012

Start of our trip

Tomorrow my wife and I leave Georgia,   Vermont for an epic journey to Labrador,   Canada.    We are going to try to make it to Port Hope Simpson.     So excited don’t know if I will sleep much.   No hurry at all we have 3 weeks before she has to be back here for work
      These are pictures we took last year on out road trip up the coast of Maine



                      This is a picture of my wife she is much prettier than I am we were fishing in west swanton that day.     She is my partner, my soul mate and my best friend

As of September 28 2012 I have retired as in I don't work any more.     I knew this day was coming 24 years ago when I started this job .Yup I have plowed and graded roads dug ditch and delt with the genral public long enough.    I have not planned my life beyond the date I retired.   I am dyslexia so I will apoliogize for my spelling and other errors.    If my wife is not in the room with me it can be bad.   I would like to fish more,    grow more of what we eat.   and have my life be less stressful.    To start with we will be leaving for Labrador,  Canada September 30.2012 .     Hope to do some post on the trip.