Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dehydrated Soup

I have final done it I made a soup with all dehydrated vegetables.   I used potatoes,  carrots,  onions,  celery,   and mushrooms.     I also added a pint of canned venison that my son shot this year.  (so pleased for him).    Boiled it for about 1 hour added salt and pepper to taste.    It had a nice flavor.    The vegetables had been dried over a year 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fall is coming fast have been busy the chickens have been butchered and froze since mid July.    Have been canning and dehydrating everything in site.  You can see from the picture they turned into good sized birds in just 8 weeks they all were over the 7 pounds some of the roosters hitting 11  
 A rooster and a hen a few days before butcher
A few of the produce I have grown and processed this year

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Chickens Have Arrived

     My daughter and I are raising 52 meat birds this year.    We got them yesterday and everyone made it throught the first night.   If what I read is correct in about 10 weeks they should be ready for dressing.    I am running 2 heat lamps as they are in an outside building with out heat and it was 49 degrees last night
  This is them in there new home for the next couple of weeks
This is what they have become in one week.    They got a bad start due to the feed we were sold was the wrong type it bound them up and we lost four got the correct feed and the eat well

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Making An Axe Handle

Several years back while rummaging through a scape metal pile I came across a axe.    It was a Collins 3.5 pound double bitted axe.    The handle was broke one side of the blade was chiped some.   I have always collected axes,  hatchets,  and knives.    I brought it home and it has been collecting dust ever since.    This spring I decided to get it out make a handle and sharpen it.
 This is the completed handel working at sharpen  the axe now
The board to the left was the piece of lumber that I sawed the handle from
I used a power bandsaw to saw it out and then a rasp and drawknife to shape it.
My great grandfather was a carver who carved axe handels for people in Canada he got 2.00 apiece to carve and install a handle.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It was a Good Winter

It was a great year for me on the ice.   I can not say I was impressed with the ice it was not the best Ice I have ever been on.   Had some great days out there.
First flag of the year ended up being a small Perch.   Not sure why but our side of the lake was good this year.    I did not spend much time on the other side of the lake and the Georgia shore side has never been noted for many pike.  
I started tying some Ice flies this year some days they worked very well other days not so well
Doubles were not uncommon at all I used some spoons I had that did not seem to work so well in the summer.    I would remove the hook and use them as a sinker it slowed the decent to the bottom way down.    Also found out the perch in this area are right on the bottom.                                 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Febuary 10,2013 I should be Ice fishing but I have a cold and just do not feel like it.  It has been a good year so far the ice has been kind of touch and go with the weather patterns we have had.   On the good side there has been a lot of sub 0 stuff to keep the ice safe.
This was the first Perch of the year to small to keep but it counted as the first one.    Caught on a Northland Forage minnow
This is one of the greatest things it keeps me fishing even in the coldest weather it is a bit bothered by the wind.    Also keeps the market guys from seeing what I am catching
Folds up quickly and carries all my gear
We did make a trip to Maine Smelt fishing it was great catching 18 smelt a bit high priced by the pound but worth every cent of it
 Loved this place
This is what they look like very easy to clean to eat
These are what we used to catch them