Sunday, March 31, 2013

Making An Axe Handle

Several years back while rummaging through a scape metal pile I came across a axe.    It was a Collins 3.5 pound double bitted axe.    The handle was broke one side of the blade was chiped some.   I have always collected axes,  hatchets,  and knives.    I brought it home and it has been collecting dust ever since.    This spring I decided to get it out make a handle and sharpen it.
 This is the completed handel working at sharpen  the axe now
The board to the left was the piece of lumber that I sawed the handle from
I used a power bandsaw to saw it out and then a rasp and drawknife to shape it.
My great grandfather was a carver who carved axe handels for people in Canada he got 2.00 apiece to carve and install a handle.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It was a Good Winter

It was a great year for me on the ice.   I can not say I was impressed with the ice it was not the best Ice I have ever been on.   Had some great days out there.
First flag of the year ended up being a small Perch.   Not sure why but our side of the lake was good this year.    I did not spend much time on the other side of the lake and the Georgia shore side has never been noted for many pike.  
I started tying some Ice flies this year some days they worked very well other days not so well
Doubles were not uncommon at all I used some spoons I had that did not seem to work so well in the summer.    I would remove the hook and use them as a sinker it slowed the decent to the bottom way down.    Also found out the perch in this area are right on the bottom.