Sunday, November 11, 2012

Deer Season 2012 and past

Being recently retired I have more time to do things I enjoy.    One such thing is deer season so this year I was going to hunt more.    I own a small parcel of land I planned to put a stand and hunt from.   The land has never been posted and is open for all to use.    It is what is left of my grandfathers sugar place.

This is the tree stand I put up.    It is a nice strip of hard wood kinf of a transition area not too far from here is a southren high point where deer like to bed.

   These are the views looking in the front and to the sides of this stand.    there are more  does in this area than bucks but you will not have one with out the other.    I am using a 700 remington in the 260 remington caliber.   I have a 2 to 7 Leupold scope and is a real shooter.

  This is the last deer I shot in 2008 with the 260 it was in Ontario, Canada

         Have not seen a deer in the woods yet this year.   I do have to addmit I did not hunt very much.   I got a flu and was sick 3 days and ended up with this cough that will not go away.   Kind of hard to take a stand and cough all day.


Friday, October 19, 2012


Caught my first Channel cat fish yesterday .   They were not very big but they were cat fish, The brown bullpout  and small cats bit real well wish they had been bigger but what ya going to do

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Squirrel Hunting

Squirrel hunting was a past time that we did as children there was more chasing than killing back then but I loved it.   Today I still hunt squirrels because it makes me feel like a child again.    Now being retired I have plans to do  much more of it.

Even though you can not see it there is a squirrel up there

One I got yesterday in the morning

Went back out in the afternoon and got these three to finish my limit for the day.    Most of thr time I don't use a shotgun to hunt with but today i was looking for partridges but came up with these guys instead,    These were the redest I have ever got.  

Friday, October 12, 2012

We are Home

10-9-12     We have arivved home.     It was a great trip I wish we could have done it 10 years earlier some of the drives between towns were long.   We drove over 3000 miles for the whole trip counting getting lost and missed turns.   The people in Ladrador,   New Foundland,   and New Brunswick were great.     The land in Labrador below Port Hope Simpson is Breathtaking.

Taken from route 510 South.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Labrador,  Canada   a wonderful place just some random pics for now
                          On route 500 before Before Church hill Falls

       On route 500 Lichen almost looks like snow

             A wood sled Just below Red Bay on route 510
I found this little guy on route 500 between Labrador City and Goose bay.    It was tied to a tree in a disrespectful manner side of the road.    I took it down and was thinking of bringing it home however I ended up placing this little scull where it could watch the road forever.    I had no right to cut it down from the tree it was tied to but i believe we owe the animals a bit of respect also.   

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Start of our trip

Tomorrow my wife and I leave Georgia,   Vermont for an epic journey to Labrador,   Canada.    We are going to try to make it to Port Hope Simpson.     So excited don’t know if I will sleep much.   No hurry at all we have 3 weeks before she has to be back here for work
      These are pictures we took last year on out road trip up the coast of Maine



                      This is a picture of my wife she is much prettier than I am we were fishing in west swanton that day.     She is my partner, my soul mate and my best friend

As of September 28 2012 I have retired as in I don't work any more.     I knew this day was coming 24 years ago when I started this job .Yup I have plowed and graded roads dug ditch and delt with the genral public long enough.    I have not planned my life beyond the date I retired.   I am dyslexia so I will apoliogize for my spelling and other errors.    If my wife is not in the room with me it can be bad.   I would like to fish more,    grow more of what we eat.   and have my life be less stressful.    To start with we will be leaving for Labrador,  Canada September 30.2012 .     Hope to do some post on the trip.