Sunday, February 15, 2015

It is one of those winter days that is perfect for staying in the house high north wind and cold temperatures about 2 degrees above here.   I made a venison stew in the dutch oven on the wood stove.   I had a big bag of carrots that had to be used so I did not use potatoes just carrots,  onions,  and celery,    Then salt and pepper for seasoning.   I make a lot so I can pressure can the rest of it for left overs,     
      I did not take a picture of the stew so here is a bunch of crows eating fish guts off my garden

Monday, January 5, 2015

This past year I started collecting Vintage sewing machines mostly singers pre 1955.    Some are treadles and some are not what to do with these wonderful machines that I love so much.    To start with I made marble bags then I mad like shopping bags well there are only so many bags one needs soooooooo
 As i can see I have started making quilts yup a fishing blog making quilts I do not get real fancy just pieces of scrap fabric cut up into pieces and then sewed back together

    This is the first one I completed on this style I made one other that was just green and red flannel done on a 66 singer treadle

This one here is made from 1 inch blocks done on a featherweight

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A new hobby I have got into is collecting and restoring classic vintage sewing machines.   It all started by my wife saying how she liked old sewing machines.   All I do is singers I understand them and they are easy to work on.   Very little ever goes wrong with them except time of not being used and improper storage.

Trying to make this work again

I have had some real issues trying to post to my blog for a while kind of frustrating really